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Blog Forex Options Trading - Forex Money Management How to Turn $1,000 to $12,000

Posted by on November 6, 2012 at 5:15 PM

Fx trading is absolutely risky. Not all who take part in Fx buying and selling ends up with earnings. With fastened ratio dollars administration, you will gain additional rather than dropping dollars. It will help you to maximizes your money and limits your looses. It is a defensive strategy in Foreign exchange buying and selling. Let me exhibit you how you can flip your $one,000 to $twelve penny stocks ,000 securely in Forex trading buying and selling. Follow these methods and begin cashing in your earnings.

Stage one Open up a Currency trading trading account of $1000 for each whole lot.

Step two Determine how numerous pips you want to get just before you increase your expense in a whole lot. The minimum pip to start escalating expense may differ from people to folks. Start with a quantity of pips that options trading you are at ease with. Let' say you resolved that two hundred pips is plenty of to start out including to your investment. You are going to will need an regular of only 10 pips for a day for twenty trading days.

Step three Raise you happen to be the proportion of your ton if you realize your minimum gains. If you haven't attained your minimum pip, continue on trading with the range of pips inside of penny stocks your capability. The increase of on the proportion of your lot need to be in the increments of ten% % per obtained profits.


Very first 200 pips - $one,000 (200 pips x .1 great deal) $1,two hundred as your new lot

Second two hundred pips -- $one,200 (two hundred pips x .2 whole lot) $1, six hundred as your new whole lot

Third 200 pips -- $1600 (200 pips x .three lots $six hundred) $2200 as your new ton

Fourth two hundred pips -- $2200 (200 pips x .four lots $800) $3000 as your new lot

Fifth 200 pips - $3000 (two hundred pips x .5 lots $1000) $4000 as your new lot

Sixth two hundred pips -- $4000 (200 pips x .6 a lot $1200) $5200 as your new whole lot

Seventh 200 pips -- $5200 (two hundred pips x .seven tons $1400) $6600 as your new whole lot

8 200 pips -- $6600 (200 pips x .eight heaps $1600) $8200 as your new good deal

Ninth 200 pips - $8200 (200 pips x .nine a lot $1800) $10000 as your new ton

Tenth two hundred pips - $10,000 (200 pips x 1 whole lot $2000) $12000

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